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Lost Silence, In-dev Ver 0.1

Lost Silence takes place in mid-western United States, in the year of 2009.


The Epidemic is not a zombie-fying virus. It is in the family of Retroviridae, the virus, when exposed to it, causes the victim to get boils, which pop, spreading the virus to whomever come in contact with the boils themselves, or the pus.

    The worldwide epidemic of 2000, which was caused by the virus mentioned above, killed 3.6 billion people. The vaccine wasn't made until 2002, but by then the virus had already done it’s toll. The vaccine was successful, but most of the high-power, government figures were either dead, or so scared people would come for revenge for them letting this happen. This left most of the world lawless, and without order. Though some people try to settle down and try to live a normal life, when they try to, it most always ends in bloodshed.

-Taken from the Lost Silence Moddb page.