The 1.075 Express is an ammo type in Lost Silence. It operates like a rocket, having a two stage projection device, by one, firing the interior powder(Inside the shell), and two the small amount of fuel inside the bullet itself.

AMA 1.075 Express

The bullet comes in four variations:

HEDP: High Explosive Dual Purpose, good for clearing out areas, still ok for vehicles.

HEAP: High Explosive Armor Piercing, very good for taking out vehicles, not so much for people.

VHE: Very High Explosive, also called 'Reaper' rounds, they are comprised of a XEP(Xyntar Phosphide Ethlymide) interior, and a RDX-2(Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine) molding. They do not have as much powder, minimizing the chance of the projectile exploding in the barrel.

FHE: Fragmentation High Explosive, explodes, then sends hundereds of shards of metal in all directions.